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Keeper of The Lost Cities book 8.5 — EVERYTHING

So, while I already made a post on the cover of book 8.5, I really wanted to say a bit more about it. I could have just edited my other one, but no one will just click on it again, so here you are. I’m also going write about the book itself. Not the series as a whole, but rather about the single book. Let’s go into it.

Firstly, I’d better show you the cover itself. *Drumroll*


I think this is such a pretty cover. It’s my favorite of all the 9 covers. It’s also a little different. I’ll show you the other eight now, and you’ll be able to see for yourself how different this one is. I’ll tell you all (all that I know of) the differences myself in just a moment.

Here are the differences:

  1. The title of the books until now were always on the top left of the books, but in ‘Unlocked’, it’s in the middle.
  2. For the first time, Sophie (the main character, and the girl who is on the horse) is alone on the cover. While Silveny is there (the alicorn), in the old covers you can see that she always has at least another person with her.
  3. All the covers apart from 8.5 display a single scene of the story. But ‘Unlocked’ does not.
  4. Sophie looks a bit younger than some of the later old covers. Shannon Messenger said herself that this book is supposed to represent Sophie’s whole journey (so far).

Well, now I’m going to write a little bit about the book. I found this on the Kotlc fandom:

  • Unlocked is scheduled to be released on November 17, 2020 (USA unfortunately. I’ll be getting it later).
  • Unlocked will be told from both Keefe’s and Sophie’s perspectives.
  • Unlocked will pick up right where Legacy left off.
  • It is confirmed that Iggy will be the color ‘mermaid’ with stripes.
  • On her website, it is stated that new powers will be discovered within the book. It is unknown who these powers belong to.

And here is what Shannon Messenger wrote:

I promised I would tell you a little more about UNLOCKED (Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 8.5) today—and I am a girl of my word!!! I can’t tell you everything yet, since I’m still working on the book, but here are the things I can share:
1. As I said yesterday, UNLOCKED is a CONTINUATION of the main story of the KEEPER series, picking up right from the cliffhanger of Legacy and filled with plenty of huge reveals—which means it’s SUPER IMPORTANT for the overall series arc and you definitely don’t want to miss it.
2. I also told you that UNLOCKED is being told in a new way—and it is! The story will be told from BOTH Sophie AND Keefe’s perspectives!!!!! (still in third person, with each chapter labeled to make it clear whose POV we’re in.) This will be the first time (in one of the main KEEPER books) where we get to hear the thoughts of someone besides Sophie, and it allows me to include all kinds of insights into Keefe for this next part of the adventure. (and yes, you can infer from that teaser that Keefe WILL be an active part of UNLOCKED—as will your other favorite KEEPER characters!).
3. I also told you yesterday that UNLOCKED will have a bunch of cool bonuses—and they are seriously awesome, including: brand new full color art pieces as well as black and white illustrations, a comprehensive series guide to help you easily keep track of everything going on (plus information I’ve never revealed about the Keeper world and characters before), Keeper-themed recipes, an official map of the Lost Cities, and much, much more! ✨✨✨
That’s all I can share for now—but I’ll be revealing lots more about UNLOCKED over the next few months as we gear up for its November 17th release date. It’s going to be incredibly cool and incredibly special and I know you’re going to love it!
And make sure you check my feed tomorrow to learn about a couple more exciting KEEPER things that will be coming out this year! It’s an awesome time to be a part of the KEEPER fandom!

She also wrote something when she posted the cover on Instagram, so here are some snippets:

Unlocked is a super-fun series guide.
Since the book basically covers “Sophie’s entire journey (so far)” we wanted to let her shine by herself on the cover.
For those of you wishing you got to see more characters–DON’T WORRY. UNLOCKED has SO MUCH amazing art in it, which I will tell you about later.
So what you’re seeing is Sophie and Silveny teleporting through the void, surrounded by glimpses of some of the places Sophie’s been (Havenfield, Eternalia, Foxfire and Gildingham) leaving us wondering where Sophie’s going next.

Well, some of that is interesting. like the fact that there will be ART in it. 😀

I won’t say any more right now. I hope you liked the post! Bye!


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