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KOTLC: The bests and worsts

Heey guys! Today I’ll be writing bests and worst for Keeper of The Lost Cities (my opinion, that is).

Best character:
Sophie and Keefe tie!

Worst character:
Even though he’s not evil, it’s sooo Fitz.

Best book from the series:
This one is hard for me to choose. I think Legacy and Neverseen tie 🙂

Worst book from the series:

Best pet:
Honestly, I’m stuck between Iggy and Silveny.

Best cover:
For me, it’s Unlocked. But Exile comes very close behind.

Worst evil person:

Best twins:
Well, there are three pairs to choose from, but how is the real question!

Best mother:
Edaline 😀

Best father:
Grady (so basically both of Sophie’s parents)

Well, that’s all for this post. Bye!

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