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Ranking the KOTLC book covers

Hey everyone! Today I’m really excited to write a new post, because I just got a new laptop as an early birthday present!
Anyway, today I am going to be ranking the Keeper of The Lost Cities covers! I know, I know, I’ve been writing a lot of posts about KOTLC recently, but what can I say? I’m obsessed. 😊 Let’s start!

*Illustrated by Jason Chan

  1. The worst cover is… *Drumroll*
    The first one! I don’t think the covers got better over time, but I do think the first is worst. It’s really black (I mean, I like black, It’s my second favourite colour, but I think it doesn’t go well here? Just read the rest of the text) and dark, and I don’t think Sophie (the main character, duh) looks that good here.
  2. Next we have..
    Everblaze. Although I like the reds and oranges of the fire, I don’t rather like the cover as a whole.
  3. And now…
    Lodestar it is! Third worst cover though it may be, there isn’t really anything wrong with it as such. I just think that Dex looks too different (that is him, right? Not Fitz or anyone? I always get confused about this..), and although there is such a lot of detail, it for some reason just isn’t my favorite.
  4. Fourth shall be…….
    Neverseen! I like green, and I like this inclusion of Biana (seeing as she’s my second favourite character, tied with Dex, I should like it) on the cover, but I really don’t think it deserves a higher spot than this.
  5. And next is….
    Flashback! Although the worst book of the series, in my opinion, the cover is pretty cool. I like that we see Tam with his shadows, and Wylie with light, and mixing together in the middle.
  6. And the one that fell one spot short of the top three is…………
    Legacy! I didn’t have much of an opinion on this one for a while, but today after thinking a bit, I decided that isn’t quite at all bad. A nice touch of colour is there, and we even get to see Sophie inflicting for the first time!
  7. The least nice (notice I chose not to write ‘worst’) of the top three is…
    Nightfall! Although I like the calming blues, and the fact that there is Linh on the cover, and I really like this snippet of Atlantis, the other covers are just too good for this to be higher. Still, third place is a really good spot for it to be!
  8. And the second best is………
    Exile! I’ve been debating in my head all the time while writing, that should Exile’s cover be first, or Unlocked? But in the end, this is what I chose.
    Anyway, I like the cover because it’s just pretty overall, and that’s our first glimpse of Silveny, and I just like it.
  9. And the most honourable spot: First place!

Unlocked! Unlocked, or book 8.5, is such a different cover, and it’s so pretty too! I love the background, you know, how we get to see those different places. They’re so much different than what I imagined, and I’m glad to see them. I have to admit, Sophie doesn’t look as nice in this covers as in others, but she looks OK.
I also wrote a post just for this cover (and a little about the book). Check it out!

Alright guys, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed the post! See you next time, and bye!

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