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Keeper of the Lost Cities Tag | πŸ€©

Heeey ya’ll! Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday Tuesday!
Today I’m doing the long-awaited (not really, but just go with it) KOTLC TAG!!! πŸ₯³πŸ€©
I don’t really have any ideas for it, but let’s see how this goes. Maybe my fantastic carrot cake will help 😏
(no, seriously, it’s amazing)
Lets get into it, I guess..

I’m kinda tempted to just spam a bunch of random letters or something


  • Credit and link to the creator: Rayna @ Ray is Writing (πŸ₯±)
  • Thank the AMAZING KOTLC FAN person who tagged you (😴)
  • List the rules (but like, when are the rules actually gonna end?)
  • Answer the ten KOTLC-related questions.
  • Ask ten of your own KOTLC-related questions (you can repeat some of the old ones, but not all πŸ˜’).
  • Tag five people who’ve actually read KOTLC.
  • Tell us about any theories/random thoughts you have about KOTLC.
  • annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd:
    Include a GIF, meme, drawing, or something like that related to KOTLC in your post. You can do multiple if you want 😏

Starting questions (I’ll be answering my own questions, cause
why not):

What would you rate the book out of ten?
10. Duh.
What do you think of Wylie?
He’s alright, but we don’t see enough of him to really “rate” him. Or maybe that’s just me.
Have you read Unlocked yet?
Course’. I’ve even reviewed it. Which I’m totally not gonna link- HERE
If you have read Unlocked, what dyu think of Keefe’s new power?
It’s all kind of murky, so I really can’t decide yet.
Do you know any KOTLC-related blogs/YouTube channels?
Course’. There’s The KOTLC Fan Club over here on WordPress, and The KOTLC Fanbase over on YouTube.
Have any of your IRL friends read KOTLC?
Very sadly, no.
Iggy, or Silveny?
Ooh, both? Or maybe Iggy. If Biana can stand the smell, surely I can! Though sparkly poop is hard to pass.
Am I spending too much time with Keefe? Yes, yes I am.
Fave Tam ship?
Bam! Or Tiana. I’ll bet Tam doesn’t like the Disney princess name tho πŸ˜‚
Is there any name you’re really confused about how to pronounce (or were confused about, but your doubts got cleared after reading the pronunciation section in Unlocked)?
Oralie. Even now I’ll always think of her as “O-rih-lee”, instead of “O-ra-ly”.
Dex or Biana?
Tough one. Maybe……….. AHHH, can’t choose πŸ€”

Tageroos (cause’ why not):


I’m not smart enough to come up with any theories of my own 😢
But I have been thinking: did Sophie, or any telepath, for that matter, search Glimmer’s mind? I don’t think it’s been mentioned, so… why did they trust her in Unlocked? Y’know, when they went to the Neverseen’s storehouse thing. And I know that Tam trusts her, and obviously the group trusts Tam, but.. the Neverseen have proved to be manipulative and totally heartless, so why take that risk? Of course, it would make Glimmer trust them even less. But still.

Some drawing/gif/meme/whatever:

Uh, I’d use my drawing, but I’m not at home, so I don’t have it with me πŸ˜ͺ
Here is a gif instead:

Image result for funny kotlc gif

It’s a meh one, but I like being lazy ✌

Kay, that’s done with. Have a good time with dis’ tag! 😜
I’ve finished my cake, and as I’m really very sad bout’ dat, gbye!
~ray out~

28 thoughts on “Keeper of the Lost Cities Tag | πŸ€©

    1. It’s really good! And a lot of people who haven’t read the books think it’s like Harry Potter, but it really isn’t πŸ˜…

      P.S It gets better after the first book πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ahhh, awesome! Even though I’m usually tag free, I think I’ll actually do this one! So thanks for the nomination!
    (Also, I think…..that Glimmer requested not to have her mind probed? I might be remembering that wrong, but I’m pretty sure they’re trying to treat her like an ally.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uh-oh! Kaelyn and I were planning on doing a KOTLC Memes tag! Yikes, they sound the same! We were just about to post it but you know, she went on hiatus ☹️ anyway, now I’m wondering if we should still do it or not. But it’s STILL a great post! Nice job!😁

    Liked by 1 person

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