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Does My Blogging Style Match Me In Real Life?

Hey, hey, hey! Today I’m doing a fun post. So Maggie recently did this post on finding her blogging style. She included some questions at the end to help you find your blogging style, and I thought “hey, it may be fun to answer em’!” Lets go:

  • Which day/s of the week do I love posting on the most?
    Definitely not Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays. Any other day is good.
  • How many posts do I enjoy writing each week?
    2-3 is a good number : )
  • Do I love series or standalone posts more?
    I’ve never done a blog series, much as I want to, so standalone posts.
  • Do I enjoy announcing blog commitments, or do I benefit from keeping them private until I’ve finished/completed them?
    See, I find it hard to stick with commitments, so while I’d like to share it, I think keeping it private would mean less disappointment for ya’ll πŸ‘€
  • Which post/s do I love writing the most: quick posts, medium-length posts, or ramble-y/long posts?
    ooh. I really enjoyed writing my ramble-y post on productivity the other day, so I suppose that’s my answer!
  • What time/s of the day are the most inspiring times for me to write?
    I would love to be able to wake up at like 5 am and write, but the next best thing is afternoon, a couple hours after school ends.
  • Do I like writing posts the day I publish them, or is it more satisfying to schedule them out?
    I’ve tried scheduling posts, and while it’s nice to have a back-up on days I’m feeling lazy (like *cough* I have been lately *cough*), it’s more satisfying when I publish it then and there.
  • Are there any blogging things (i.e. writing types of posts, posting a certain day of the week, collaborating with another blogger, etc.) I haven’t tried yet, but I think I’d like to do?
    BEING ORGANIZED I don’t think so.
  • Which posts make me the happiest to write?
    Every post! Not tags and awards though, for some reason.
  • Which posts do I enjoy reading later?
    Any post with humor!

Welp. Short post alert.

~ray out~

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