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An art challenge with a friend (we need YOUR help with voting)

Helloooo everyone! How are you? I recently did an art challenge with my IRL friend (who, for this post, I will be calling “P”) and I couldn’t help but turn it into a post. Proof of how addicted to blogging I am.
Anyway, how this worked is we both gave one prompt, and then had to draw something that incorporated both of the prompts. My prompt was moon, and P’s prompt was galaxy. I went through a galaxy phase not so long ago, so her theme was perfection.
We got two days to make it, and even with well…… a couple bumps along the way (aka both of us hating our paintings at one point), WE MADE IT!!!!!!
Now, because we’re both waaaaaaaaay too nice to choose a winner amongst ourselves (and besides, it wouldn’t be fair anyway), I came up with the extremely brilliant (*COUGH*) idea of letting YOU GUYS vote for which one is da absolute best!
So I’ll be sharing both of our drawing/paintings……
but with a catch.
See, we all know that you’ll automatically be voting for ME, because of how INCREDIBLY AWESOOOOOOOME I am (*cough* JK we’re both awesome), so we need to show you them anonymously.
Don’t worry though, you won’t just be left wondering who did which painting forever. Some days later I will be making a post with da results and who did which one. Now, here they are!!!

Actually, wait. I first want you to read this; it’s a note from Pr- I mean, P. Not giving out her real name, folks!

“Hi, I’m P! I’m really happy to be participating. My painting is literally just about a [REDACTED FOR TALKING ABOUT HER PAINTING], so I was really surprised that Rayna likes it so much. Lol.”

And I have one more thing to say: my painting comes with a little backstory I thought of while making it, which I will be telling you in the results post 😁

Number one

And numba two!

Be sure to vote for which one you like more here!

55 thoughts on “An art challenge with a friend (we need YOUR help with voting)”

  1. AAAAHHH this is SOOOO Hard to pick just one when both are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! How could you do this to me, Rayna!!!! *going back and forth between the two pictures* Well, I think I’m going to go with

    *freaking out because I can’t decide*

    Fine I’ll go with number one.

    Liked by 1 person

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