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A poem // some books I got

Helloooo people, elves, demigods, wizards, witches, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻
Today, I went to the bookstore (YAY), and just a few minutes after I was talking about how I wanted it to rain, it started pouring! That was a surprise (and an excellent one at that). 👏🌧
Before I share a lil’ poem I wrote in the car, I want to tell ya’ll the books I got!
Also.. I GOT A SIGNED BOOK!!!!!!!! 🤩 I didn’t even have to go out of my way to stand in a long que and wait all day. It was just lying there at the bookshop!!!! 😮 I don’t know anything about the author except his/her name is Robin Stevens (the book is Murder Most Unladylike), but THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!! Look:

Honestly though – if I’m so excited about getting a signed book by an author I know literally nothing about, what would I be like if I got a book signed by, say, Shannon Messenger? *cough* please *cough* make that happen *COUGH*

*anyway* the books I got were, like you saw, A Murder Most Unladylike, Indigo’s Star, and the seventh Baby-sitter Club book!!

There’s an annoying sticker on the cover of Murder Most Unladylike, saying ‘signed by author,’ but I’m actually kinda grateful for that cause’ otherwise I’m not sure I would have even noticed for years. 😂
anyway, I’m excited to read these!
Now for what everyone has been waiting for: the poe- THE RAIN PHOTOS I TOOK!!! Muh-ha-ha-ha-ha I gotcha there. (the poem will come right after, don’t worry ^.^)

My favourite is that one in the middle. The read building reminds me of London or something. 😂
Annnnnnd NOW the poem!!!!

Just another summer day
Waking up late
But now it’s raining
I just went to the bookstore
And man, no more complaining
Cause I got a signed book
And more

The rain is slowing down
But I already got my taste
My smiles not gonna turn into a frown
Cause now I got books to turn to
Then movie night
So, a good day after all
And no longer blue.


Hope ya’ like it!!! Have a great day!
happy reading,

49 thoughts on “A poem // some books I got

  1. Awesome post, Rayna! (This phrase is often used by people who haven’t read your post, but I promise I did.) I WANT TO BREAK INTO A BOOKSTORE RIGHT NOW. “Break in” since everything is closed here, ugh. The books sound great and I want a book review for those, especially for indigo’s star (because it sounds uNiQue). Those rain pictures are beautiful!😍 And the poem is lovely! How do you guys write poems in a car?! I have been so demotivated to write poetry that I can’t even write one even in a quiet room.😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Roshni!! haha, I sometimes say that, then worry about sounding like I hadn’t read the post either. 🙃
      Haha, bookshops and all opened here only recently (*cry*). I hope they open up there too! 😑
      Yessss, book reviews for all of them will definitely come out (y’know, once I’ve actually read them! 😆) eventually!!
      aw, thanks!! hehe, I was just inspired so I wrote it on my phone. 😜 oh, oof! That’s always annoying. 😕
      Thank you so much for the long comment! they make my day. 🙃💙

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, yes. That is a struggle. You live at a nice place. I’m packing my stuff and coming there right now! Ooh, yay!! Wow!😄 Aww, no problem!💕

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    2. And, a signed book! We would scream our lungs out if we got our favourite books signed by our favourite authors! I too hope that happens.😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! I love the bookstore! And I love the rain! Especially how the world smells after the rain! Btw, ADORE your rain pictures. Love your poem too! What a happy day!

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  3. Good old fashioned trip to the bookstore 🙂 Hopefully me and my friend are gonna go on a book shopping spree soon. Time to spend over a hundred dollars on like six books 😆

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  4. Yay yay! I can’t go to a bookshop anytime soon, so this post is about how close ‘ll get to one🥺🥺

    Also, congrats on the signed copy! Hehe, I have a signed copy of Marshmallow Skye (which I only bought because it features Marshmallow on the cover and the cover was super pretty)
    A few days ago, when I was leaving through, I actually found
    out that it was a signed book, which threw me off, because it was dirt cheap 😂

    The pictures are amazing, and yes, they give me London vibes!! I adore the second one and the poem was gorgeous too! Awesome job! 😃

    (This comment turned out longer than I anticipated)

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    1. aw, that’s sad! 😑
      Ooooh, I have no idea what book that is, but that’s a w e s o me!!! 👏
      haha, thank you!! 😜
      (it’s fine, I love long comments!!)

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  5. Omg congrats on that signed book 😍😍😍.
    I want a signed book too!!
    And dude, congrats on 300 followers, whoa dude!! Here’s to many more 😃😃🎉🎉🎉🎉
    And nice poem 😙

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  6. YESS, I LOVE IT WHEN I WALK INTO A BOOKSTORE AND FIND A SIGN BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! And I think the middle rain picture would have to be my favorite, too because you’re right, it DOES make me think of London. Well, London from movies and pictures I’ve seen. I’ve never actually been to London. So maybe it looks nothing like London after all.
    Er, sorry ’bout that. I have no idea what any of that was even supposed to mean. Anyway, I LOVED your poem and really enjoyed this fun post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOWWWW! I mean, this was the first time that’s happened to me, but it isssss really cool!!! 👏👏
      I’ve never been to London either. So. I know what you mean. 😂
      *cough* that happens to me so often *cough*
      Thank youuuu!!! 💙

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