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Reading my old posts // (what was I thinking?)

Hey people, elves, demigods, wizards, witches, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻
I’m in a great, productive-ish mood. Ish. Can you guess why? IT’S RAINING! In fact, IT’S POURING! Eh, strange. I get in a better mood while the sky turns grey. I’m a dark soul. 🖤
*cough* I have no idea what that was. 😳 So shall we get on with this?

I’ve had this idea for a long while, cause’ y’know, it’s popular among YouTubers and stuff, and of course, I waste a ton of time watching YouTube everyday so I’m well aware of it.
However, this is a difficult quest to embark on, which is why I’m getting around to it now. Preparations had to be done before tackling such a dangerous mission!

Now, let’s go, and dive into my old posts!
This should be fun.

I started off with July 18, 2020. In case you don’t know, I’ve had my blog for four years, but I started properly blogging around that time. So let’s see how this goes. Most of it was poems (wow has a lot changed in only a year), but I found this:

I have never liked sketch pens much (apart from the time when I was 5, but not really). I never used (notice how I said USED) to use them. They’re too STREAKY, and the result is too many LINES. Not to mention how quick some of them dry out. However, recently I used a few that I still owned, to COLOR in my coloring book. I realized that they’re OK for coloring in things. Seriously, how did I not know that before? Well, I probably never thought about it too much. Actually, I think I did know that before, but that thought was just lost at the back of head. The absolute back.

But, anyway, I went ahead and ordered for a set of FIFTY! Unfortunately the set of 50 doesn’t have enough blues. And if you didn’t know already, blue is the absolute BEST color EVER. And my favorite. So when a pack of FIFTY doesn’t have enough BLUES, you know the pack just isn’t good enough. But it’ll do for me (well, I’m still very sore about the blue thing, but it still will).

First of all, I’m proud of my past self for hating on this sketch pen set for not having enough blues. What ever were they thinking? *scoff*
Second, was this really necessary to make a post of? I mean… ehhhh. Who would want to read that? Like, WHOOOOOO?

Who Asked GIFs | Tenor

Next up, I found one from a few days before “The Problem With Sketchpens, about the first day of “good old school:”

Hey guys! So, today I woke up at 5:30! Which is waaay too early for me. But I had to wake up earlier than usual anyway, cause today, guess what?! School started. Yep, good old schoolio. It was OK. A good first day. Everything was pretty calm, and I enjoyed working on my desk, which, if you didn’t know, recently got moved to my room (it was earlier in the study/office/work room). The work wasn’t too bad, and not too much. Though there was Hindi, which isn’t my strongest subject. I dislike it for several reasons:

Although I live in India, and was born in India, and have never yet left the country, I don’t speak Hindi.
I know Hindi (well, a bit. I can make sentences, and communicate if I absolutely have to), but I just don’t like to speak it.
The writing/script is complicated.
I’m not good at it.

Well, do I need another reason? Yes? Grrr. Well, here it is: I’d much rather spend time on a different language, since I never use Hindi anyway. So, now you see why I don’t like it. (No offence to anyone though.) However, this time the Hindi bit wasn’t so bad. I mean, it wasn’t good, but it was OK.

You may be wondering which class I went up to. Well, take a guess! Actually, don’t. That’d be too complicated. I’m in grade 5 now.

Disclaimer: it doesn’t feel any different. So, going up to a new class is always exciting. New school supplies, sometimes new kids, new classes, etc. A lot of people hate to see the back of summer vacations, as do I, but you have to admit there is a different kind of thrill too. You know, seeing your friends again, seeing your classroom (well, that used to be there, but now you know why it’s not), and more.

Also, the new school supplies part? I love it. I absolutely LOVE new stationery! Of course, who doesn’t love new things, but stationery even more (in my case).

Anyway, back to the point I was going to come to: even with all the excitement, you don’t feel different. New grade, birthday, all that stuff, you don’t feel any different. That’s the end. Sorry about all the mish-mash happening. Bye!

If I were someone else, I may be nostalgic.
But the quality of my old posts are really putting me off of any nostalgia. 😂
This one though is better than some (okay, a LOT) of others. Yes, I still strongly agree with past me about the Hindi thing. 😐

I Agree GIFs | Tenor

BUT. If you don’t know, I have a strong pet peeve about spelling “okay’ as “Ok” or “OK.” AND WHAT DID I USE HERE? “OK.” WHYYYYYY. 😭 PAST ME, WHYYYYYY?!?!?! I demand justice! Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✊

Okay (see, THIS is how you should spell it. 😤), next up is my very first new month post!! I wrote it in May 2020. I think they’ve changed a LOT over the months, so it’ll be fun (for me at least) to see how the first one was! 👀

Hey guys! We have come into a new month, with new ideas, new posts and new surprises. I’m talking like it’s the new year, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s a new hour, new day, new week, new month, new year, new decade or new century. It is a new start of something after all, does it matter what?

I’ve already written about my new Create this book challenge (check it out which I’ll be doing this month. I’ll start from 8th May, I think that’s when the last day of school comes. Stay tuned for that! Also, I might not do one page every day, but I’ll try.

Will I continue writing this much this month? Yes! I see no reason to stop, and I enjoy it. Although the main reason I started writing so much in April was because of the lockdown, it’s not as if I won’t be cooped up at home anymore. The lockdown is extended and I like writing. It is hard sometimes to think of more ideas for posts, but something always comes up. And in summer vacations I’ll have more time to do more stuff. And because I’ll be doing more stuff, it means I’ll have more content to write about! So, yeah, I will indeed continue writing these many posts. I want to try to write one post everyday. Imagine, thirty-one posts in a month! Maybe even more! I’ll see you soon with another post, but goodbye for now. Happy new month!

aww, I like the para at the top! Thoughtful. 🙃
But ohhh man. This thing has reminded me of the wretched Create This Book challenge I was *trying* to do. I don’t know why it was so hard for me to just stick with it, but I never managed to fill it out. 🤷‍♀️ Oh well.
Also, that post everyday thing was stupid. I had fun, but it was kinda stupid. In case you were wondering, I ended up with 33 published posts. Whoa. 😳🤯

I love going back and reading old posts, so this was fun to do! I feel like my “reactions” could’ve been better, but I dunno. 😂🤷‍♀️ These also definitely aren’t as terrible as the title made it seem. Just not up to my, *eh-hem,* standard anymore.
What do you think? Would you like to see a part two? Lemme know! I could do it with even older posts, like from 2017 or 2018 when my grammar was ✨terrible✨. We’ll see, but for now, thanks for reading everyone! 🙃
Have an awesome day. 🙌👋


126 thoughts on “Reading my old posts // (what was I thinking?)

  1. “AND WHAT DID I USE HERE? “OK.” WHYYYYYY. 😭 PAST ME, WHYYYYYY?!?!?! I demand justice! Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✊”


    Part two please 🥺😏

    Liked by 2 people

  2. LMAO Rayna you ranting about the fact that there aren’t enough blues is honestly such a mood
    Also I have to agree with you on Hindi- I can read and write it perfectly well, but I can’t speak it too nicely… I mean, I can do the basics, and that’s all I need to know. I don’t have to learn about muhavaarey or sangyaa or freaking LOKOKTIYA in order to communicate properly in daily life…
    Such a pain, na? Like people say “Oh you have to learn Hindi so that you can communicate with the people around you” and I’m like “Hello I can already do that I don’t have to do this class in order to request a carrot or catch a cab or ask for directions”

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    1. Oh my god, this is so relatable. I speak hindi, but with an accent (it’s a Kiwi accent I guess). And I don’t know much about hindi counting. Ooooof. So whenever someone tells me I can’t go out to buy stuff, I go ‘GOOGLE TRANSLATE EXISTS’. And then, come the epic blow, of the chappal.

      God Lokoktiya are the worst, muhavaarey is fine. But Lokoktiya are just…hell.

      Liked by 4 people

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