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a fashionably late wrap-up of october πŸ‚

Heylloooo people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻
By the time this post is finished, it’ll probably be first or second November, because when am I ever early? Edit: It’s now seventh November and I’m STILL not done; ughhh But still, how can I go without saying… happy Halloweennnn! 😌
My idea of halloween is wearing all black and putting on eyeshadow, but you’ve probably had a more eventful halloween. Unless you’re in India. In that case, you probably did nothing. Or the same thing as me. ✨
Oh, and happy Diwali!!
*anyway* How was your October? Good, bad, meh, ugly, lovely, horrid, amazing?
Mine feels pretty uneventful. Probably because I read like five books. I barely remember October, even though I think I did a lot of stuff? Possibly? I’ll find out soon enough. Lets get into the wrap-up!

I have pretty much stopped doing those new month posts, which some of you may not even know of because the last one was ages ago, I think. πŸ‘€ I just find writing down my goals elsewhere (this time on my new whiteboard, it’s so handy) better now, and who likes reading someone else’s TBR anyway? no offense to anyone who does those posts, they’re just not my fave. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Anyway, these were my goals:

  1. Read 9+ books
    eRm. *cough cough* I read four books this month…
    Hey, it could’ve been worse. I guess.
  2. Do Inktober almost every day
    I started off alright, and I did doodles for eleven days, I think, but then I started thinking I could’ve done better with this, and then I stopped Inktober. Excellent times.
  3. Learn at least 2 songs on ukulele
    Well. I learnt one and a half. Soooo I didn’t do that badly on this one.
  4. Crochet a hat (that actually fits me)
    YESSSSSS finally one I’ve actually accomplished. I’ll show a photo later. (;
  5. Do 5+ chapters for Olympiad
    *looks away*

I read veryyy little this month. *sob* I’ll make amends in october November. Hopefully. I’ve already read two books in November, so there is hope.
Anyway, my ✨thoughts:✨

Crooked Kingdom is the sequel to SoC, and while I definitely don’t like it quite as much as the first book, c’mon, it’s MORE SOC!! And Crooked Kingdom has Kanej. And Wesper. aHhhhhHhhHh.
(also what’s this about a possible third book I hear?)

*sigh* Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew. I’m sure I would’ve LOVED this… years ago. It’s just too childish. And predictable.

AYYY a new Rick Riordan book came out!!!! Daughter of the Deep. And, for once, I got it a day after the release date. I got it without finding out anything about it, butttt I liked it! It was pretty good.

Have I heard Shadow and Bone is horrible? Yes. Am I reading the series anyway? Heck yeah.
The first book wasn’t even that bad! Definitely not SoC level, but still, pretty good!

All in all wasn’t a terrible reading month. Decent. ✌

This was the month in which I discovered.
Grace. VanderWaal. AHHHHHH. Her music is amazing!!! And she accompanies so many songs with a UKULULU. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Tis’ the first song I heard by her, thanks to my friend, Prashansa. *applause for her*

I think this may be my favourite song by Grace. Which is why I’m learning it on my ukulele. (are any of you surprised~) (there’s no ukulele emoji. JUSTICE PLEASE)

stitch_ukulele - Discord Emoji
s’pose I’ll have to do with this ^_^

I’m pretty sure I’d heard this one earlier, but didn’t know it was by Grace (since, y’know, I didn’t know Grace either). Anyway I haven’t been playing it as much as the other two, but still quite a bit. 🌝

What do I say, tis’ another Grace song on here.

October feels like it was pretty boring.. but it wasn’t really. For one thing, offline school started, all days a week. I was pretty tired out from that all month. I can’t really show any photos of that, though, mostly because I don’t have any. :<
I also met some friends two or three times, which was awesome!

‘Tis the hat I made. Yes, it’s made it to the ‘life section’ of the post. It’s that important. πŸ‘ Obviously. πŸ‘

Go on, admire the beauty of my hair. I mean, my hat. 😌😏

Also, it may not look like it, but I got a haircut! A full three inches. Or maybe two. Ikr, just so much hair gone.
This was taken right after the haircut πŸ‘‡

They curled my hair at the salon. EEEEEEEEEEE

Of course, I went to meet *the dogs* a few times. I still haven’t given them names. Or found out if they already have names. 🧐 I probably will next time. Whenever there is a next time. The pollution’s terrible right now. 😭

I have a ton of dog photos in my gallery now. But who’s complaining? Not me.

Welp, that took an unnecessarily long amount of time. I’m so glad i’m done with it~ and I really hope ya’ll enjoyed reading. Because if all this was just a waste of time I swear I will track each of you down-

Erm. Ending the post now bye~

68 thoughts on “a fashionably late wrap-up of october πŸ‚

  1. ahh, so glad you had a (mainly) great October! YES i love grace vanderwall! her music is so awesome & I’ve been following her ever since her AGT days! also ahaha i know, right? S&B is so meh compared to SoC duology. I haven’t got the chance to pick up daughter of the deep but I’m definitely going to soon because PJO was the book that finally got me back into reading nonstop after my harry potter days! also the dogs β™₯β™₯ have an awesome November, rayna!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yesss! How was your month?
      agree, agree! 🀩 ooh, that’s so cool!
      Righttt, like it’s not that bad, but then SoC is just πŸ‘Œ top-tier.
      ooh, hope you enjoy it when you get around to reading! I love PJO sm! that’s awesome! I’ve been reading nonstop pretty much all my life haha. I think the naughtiest girl started it all. πŸ™ƒ
      Yessss! You too! πŸ’™πŸ’™

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Ikr! I’m so glad I found her (well.. was told about her). 😌 Oh, you mean Moonlight? Yep I’ve heard that! I’ve heard most of her songs now, actually. πŸ˜…
      Yessss! Hope you like it!


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