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A house, or maybe not?

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I don’t like closing doors
When they were opened long ago

But the lights are off, or very dim
The windows are stained, or even broken
The grass has long needed a trim
And so maybe it’s time
To say goodbye.

I hold a rock in my left hand
Ignoring your calls from inside
But I can’t smash the surrounding walls
That hold up this house.

But maybe, I think,
This house was never a house
Just a place to slowly sink.

~Rayna, 2021

This poem could be about a lot of things… and I want to know what you think it’s about. So leave your thoughts in the comments?


23 thoughts on “A house, or maybe not?

  1. This house was never a house
    Just a place to slowly sink.
    Ok so I think the ‘house’ is metaphor for the walls we build around ourselves to protect us from things but the person is now ready to open themself up to new things. The “calls from inside” indicate the little voice inside our head which pulls us down. In the end the person realises that they need to get out of their own head and stop listening to that voice.
    Ok i hope that made sense. The end point is that this poem is AMAZING.

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    1. okay. Wow. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thinking about that. But it makes so much sense! That’s why I like this poem (I usually don’t say that about my poems) – it could have a lot of interpretations. anyway thanks a lot, Simcard!!

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