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5TH BLOGIVERSARY – cue car tires screeching to a halt, time slowing down, and ray spitting out her non-existent water.

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HEY people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻
You probably got the idea of what this is about already due to that, eh-hem, interesting and overly long title. But in case you… forgot (somehow?), this is about my fifth blogiversary! 0_0
I’m extremely unprepared and have nothing special to offer you guys right now (apart from me myself), mostly because I being an idiot (who’s surprised?) forgot to write down my blogiversary date. Haha. Yay. 🎉
Anyway. I’ll do a proper celebration an al’, the full shebang. Just not today. Probably December 5th. Or 4th. Or someday.
I am doing that ‘dedicating songs to you guys’ thing that peeps were doing a few months ago. Basically, just comment whatever you want, and I’ll dedicate a song to you in a post I’ll be doing soon. You should be honoured that such a grand person as I is making this effort!

Oh, and one last thing: please don’t write congrats or anything. I know, I know, I keep making these comment requests, like ‘don’t wish me happy birthday,’ and stuff. But I don’t like those. C’mon, write something nice and meaningful and all, or just don’t write at all. I won’t be offended.

So, have a great rest of your day everyone! 👋

114 thoughts on “5TH BLOGIVERSARY – cue car tires screeching to a halt, time slowing down, and ray spitting out her non-existent water.

  1. 5 years woaaaahh!! That’s soo awesome!!
    I have been following your blog since earlier this year, and tbh I really did not expect the kind of write ups you publish from an 11 year old girl! Your poems are mind blowing and your sarcasm always on point!
    I am sure you and your blog will never get out of style😁
    Keep writing and amazing us!!✨

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          1. The almost seven part doesn’t cut the enormity of you starting a blog so young. THAT IS SERIOUSLY SOMETHING. I can’t get over that fact
            You’ve literally gained a new level of admiration, i swear

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  2. OKAY, MY BRAIN UNDERWENT A COMBUSTION – 5 WHOLE YEARS??? SERIOUSLY??? Whoa, that is so LONG???!! And honestly, really impressive too! BUT, um, i do not know what else to say, because of, you know, your ~request~ but HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! (is that allowed?)

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  3. pshhhh, 5 years? That’s nuthin….
    (i mean…um, i can’t exactly congratulate you sooooooo)

    Anywayyyyy, I’m glad you started your blog! I think you’re such a fun person to chat with and I’m just really glad I know you.

    (and dedicate a song to meeeeeeeeee)

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  4. 5 YEARS you are kidding me right,wait aren’t you 11? So if my maths is correct which granted it’s not most times you have been blogging since you were 6 just WOW I’m pretty sure I was an idiot when I was 6 and my english sucked . My point being you have got to be the coolest 11 yr old I know like seriously the blog is amazing congratulations.(Lend me your brain and creativity)

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  5. Congatu-
    Ok I’m just kidding, lets see what else I can say.
    No my brain isn’t working right now.
    No no, how why when who. Let me try again.
    Congrats gir-
    Ok ok, once more.
    Yay! Five whole years! That is a crazy lot of time! I’ve not even reached 6 months! AAH! I hope there are many many many years moreeeee of your blogging!
    Ok thats better. Hmm if you are 11 and you’ve been blogging five years, then you have been blogging since you were 6? That is crazy awesome!!! I’m 11 rn and I’ve only been blogging since I was 11. Lmao that sentence came out weird!
    Anyway…too many mooooore years!

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  6. I’ve been following your blog for a little bit, and I really like it. You’re very funny, and I love your art. Five years is a super long time to have had a blog, so hats off to you 🎩
    Also, did you make that GIF thing? It’s very funny 😁

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  7. Shall I tell you that I may be just a teeny-weeny proud of this half-a-decade journey you have done? School timings, screen-time limitations, writer’s block, art block, and all sorts of block notwithstanding?
    And I love the small community of friends that you have found in the blogging universe. ❤

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  8. Wow, 5 years?!?!?! That’s INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👏🎉

    I was going to say congrats . . . but since you asked me not to . . . . . . . . . .
    *bursts into song* Happy blogiversary happy blogiversary happy blogiversary HaPpY BLoIvErSaRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤪

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