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’twas my birthday! ~ i’m 12 now, i guess o_O

Helloooo people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻 I currently have a very, uh, excited candle next to my laptop, and a song playing from a musical I haven’t seen. :))
Very relatable. 🙂
Anyway. As the title suggests, ’twas my birthday yesterday on 20th. And I’m very late in doing this post, but then again, that’s nothing new, is it? ..😳
aaaaand even though you may not be very interested, here’s what I was doing! apart from stalling this post

The ✨celebrations✨ began on 18th, when I met one of my friends Prashansa (who, by the way, has a blog. Which you will most definitely go check out after reading this post. 🤨 *cough* back to what I was saying-)!
We had pasta. This may seem irrelevant, but she asked me to include the pasta, so there you go, Leland, I mentioned the pasta. 🙂 Oh, and we also got those two large jars of cold coffee (for me) and some weird kiwi apple juice that Prashansa got. They put a l o t of ice in those.
Oh, and I finally tried a macaron.
It was disappointing.

Yes, I do wear shorts in December. I’m wearing shorts right now.

Anyway. Guess what she gifted me?

A HOODIE! Which says Capricorn on it. Although I’m a Sagittarius (who took like seven tries to actually spell Sagittarius-). But that’s alright. I really like it anyway.

Oh, and how could I forget? She also P A I N T E D me. On a canvas. It’s now hanging in the middle of my ✨fandom wall.✨ I’ve already said thank you quite a few times but THANKS-

So yeah. We had a lot of fun laughing at the most random things you could think of. 🙂🎉 (and she still didn’t get me the fur from her dog which she promised to get me ages ago. terrible.)

Fast forward to 11:59 PM, 19th December.. I’m in my room messaging some people THAT IT’LL BE MY BIRTHDAY IN 60 SECONDS. aHHHHHHH~
And then it turned 12, and there I am cutting a small cake :))

I got a ukulele! And green converse shoes (I’m obsessed with converse shoes~)! And a new blue watch!
Thanks mum and dada. 🥳

I just had the most spectacular idea.
So go ahead; leave your absurd name ideas in the comments for my poor ‘lil ukululu.

(also I’ll post a cover soon. Hopefully. Mayhaps~)

Okay, fast forward to the morning.. I’m incredibly bored and waiting for my friends to come. 😃🔪 That part’s honestly a blur~ soon enough, PEOPLE arrived! (late. what a surprise.)
Also.. one of my blogger friends Chloe came too~ that was the second time I’ve met her IRL. 🎉

There I am cutting a second cake~ there’s been a lot of cake lately. Plus that disappointing macaron. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

and oh look, everyone is smiling! That’s so rare in group photos-

Another group smiling photo- are we okay?? ಠ_ಠ

Welp. I’m not complaining-

Also, look! A room tour! Kind of.

There was cRazYness, as expected. How can we not have craziness when the ✨rat✨ is around? 🐀

<<< I have no idea what we were doing in this picture. ◑﹏◐

We played monopoly~ and we kind of ended it abruptly, but I probably lost.

I have the ✨worst✨ luck in board games.

Also me and Chloe were just singing Taylor and Olivia songs half the game, so there’s no way I could’ve won-
How in character. 🐀

So my friends got me some pretty cool gifts. (i’ll just use the initials of their names~) Like N got me a knitted stole!! And a pouch, and notebook. And Y got me that red stole that’s in some of the pictures. I’m wearing it right now, actually! 😌 And P got me a book. And a chocolate (which of course, has long been perished-). Annnd Chloe got me a hoodie with MEEEEEEE on it. And ‘smort rat’ written on it. With a rat emoji. Which has a crown on it’s head.
Perfect. ✌

Annnnd before I end the post, I have to mention some more people… YOU GUYS.
Some lovely blogger friends put together a playlist for me. And some of them made a special birthday doc thingy.
So thanks so much to all of you. 💙

I had a great birthday week. Even though I missed games in school on my birthday- I’m still bitter about that.
But it doesn’t matter. 😂😶 I hope you enjoyed the pot post! have a great rest of your day! 👋🌻

126 thoughts on “’twas my birthday! ~ i’m 12 now, i guess o_O

  1. Happyy belated birthdayy, Ray!! I hope you have amazinggg days ahead in your life❤
    And omggg you room is sooo prettyyy, like sooooo sooo prettyy!🥺
    Keep having the same funn alwayss💫💃🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So go ahead; leave your absurd name ideas in the comments for my poor ‘lil ukululu.

    1. Mustard
    2. Zeus
    3. Sriracha
    4. Olive Oil (;
    5. Sorry why are most of these food related why am I always thinking about food I-
    6. Derivative
    7. YEET
    8. Bixby
    9. Scissors
    10. Wooden Instrument With Stringy Thingamajigs That Make Noises Which Generally Please The Human Ear

    Number 8 and 2 are my personal favourites~

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  3. Belated happy birthday!! It looks like you really had a good time with your family and friends. Here’s to having a great year ahead, with all your dreams and aspirations coming true 🥳

    Okay….so for the ukulele names, I’ve got some choices:
    1. Riptide
    2. Laurel
    3. The Fool
    4. Rarity (idk why I put a My Little Pony name here 😂)
    5. Echoes

    So far, that’s all I could come up with

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  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAYNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *showers you with Birthday chocolate and gives you a cake* 🥳🎂🎉 I hope you had an absolutely FANTASTIC one and will enjoy being 12. (Just wait till 13, though… that’s a crazy time. XD) I’m OBSESSED with Converse shoes too!!! I never really thought I’d be someone who’d like them until I got a pair (well, more like stole from my older sister… hehehehe) and then I was in love. 😉 I LOVED the pics, and I’m gonna leave the ukulele naming to everyone else since I’m not very good at naming things outside of fictional characters. *shrugs*

    Liked by 1 person

      oMg more cake- and chocolate- 🤩
      (yikes less than a year to my 13th now. 👀😳)
      ahhh I wanted them for a l o n g time before I actually got a pair (😂😂).
      Well, I’m sure your name ideas would be awesome though~ although none could be quite as sophisticated as Rooster.

      Liked by 1 person

    I look weird in the second photo-
    You look like a rat in the fourth photo
    The thingy
    That thingy
    The thingy with wires that makes sounds pleasing to the human ear
    Chyss *ahem*
    Rat’s wire-y thingy
    Dat Boi
    Dat Ukululu
    Hot chocolate

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              1. ohh yeahh we just started school recently after the winter break but there’s been a ton of snow so we got to skip like 3 days. they initially said that if the school reaches at least 5% of people who got sick then we’d go back to virtual but they didnt think we’d reach the 5% after the second day lol. so rn they’re saying “ok forget about the 5%, we’ll just figure out what to do later” so idrk if we’re gonna go virtual. that’s a shame to hear though

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