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I see squirrels

There’s a tangle of branches next to my balcony which the squirrels love to climb.
I stand at the railing in my balcony solemnly, trying to be silent.
I don’t want to scare them.
There are two around now, their fur shimmering in the beautiful, warm sun.
I keep standing there, not making a single move.
I watch the chubby, little creatures scattering about. They move closer and closer, till they’re mere inches away.
I wonder about what they might be thinking. Those tiny, tiny heads. How much can they think? Mayhaps they are wishing that this gigantic, clumsy creature in front of them would walk away and leave them alone. Let them explore the rest of the balcony, for the thousandth time.
One of the two look up, and gaze into my eyes, and both skitter away.
I wish I’d brought my camera with me, but how would I have known about the magical way the sun looked on them running around?
One of the squirrels returns. He’s so close on the railing.
I have a terrible thought then, that I could easily just reach out and grab him. But that would be so cruel. How could I?
I turn to go inside then, and get my red notebook to write what you’re reading now.
I put out nuts for them, for the first time in at least a year.
I’d forgotten how much they liked that.
I hide on the living room couch inside, peering over the cushions behind me to see if they’re eating it.
I see them holding the nuts in their hands. Munching away.
I smile.

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