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in which I write poems from poem prompts

quite a different featured image style from usual, eh

Hullo people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻 I really don’t feel like writing an intro? I’m very tired of those.
But just as some context (?), I asked Pannaga to give me some poem ideas, and well, I decided to write three poems based on three prompts!
I’m sure you’re very happy I’ve decided to post three in one. Your favourite blogger, posting three poems in one post. Excellent times I tell you, excellent.
(just kidding folks~)

  1. Why I think Hangouts is better than Gchat
    *eh-hem* Here’s some context: (aka too much context)
    Gchat is short for Google Chat, which is like the same thing as Hangouts (those email chat thingamajigs), but a bit different. And they’re going to remove Hangouts soon so that Gchat will replace it. Currently, you can use either, to talk to the same people.
    Yeah. Poem time now:

A Hate Poem On Google Chat
Ah yes, Google Chat
The glorified replacement
Why, though, must you take away our beloved original?

Hangouts is superior
And Gchat can die.

Gchat, so cold, so haughty
Gchat, you can’t see when someone leaves
Gchat, you can’t see when someone is around
Why must you be
Like the Kaz Brekker of messaging apps?

~Rayna, 2022

  1. A boring night (since everyone writes about beautiful nights, but not often about boring ones)

Boring Nights
Ethereal skies, maybe
he ones with millions of stars
And a splendid time you have perhaps
Out in the garden, having a chat
A beautiful night it was, indeed
But those don’t happen often, you see.

Oh those boring nights
When there isn’t much in sight
Nothing to do, nowhere to go
And everything seems so awfully slow

We all have a boring night sometimes
It would be a lie to say otherwise
Nights you lay in bed scrolling
Wishing your phone would ping.

But maybe those nights are what we need
Every so often at least
Maybe those nights are what we’ll miss
When we’re older and busier and want exactly this.

~Rayna, 2022

  1. A poem on all the maybes
    This one was less of a prompt.. but I decided to take it anyway.

Maybe I’ll do a lot of things”
That’s what I say, isn’t it?
Maybe I’ll read that book soon
Maybe I’ll listen to your favourite song today.

Mostly I don’t, and maybe that’s sad
But don’t you think
Maybe I said that
Because maybe I don’t want to do it at all

Maybe I don’t want to read that book
Maybe I won’t listen to that song
Maybe I will, maybe I won’t
Maybe you want me to
But maybe I don’t
Maybe this, maybe that

Maybe maybe is no longer a word to me
Maybe I’ll stop saying it
Because I can’t even see
If there’s a meaning now.

~Rayna, 2022

Well, that’s all of ’em! My favourite, as you maybe guessed, is the second one. About boring nights. Again, thank you to Panna for the prompts! I quite like them, although maybe that’s obvious.
And who knows, maybe I’ll do a part two, because I love writing poems and this was really fun! Oooh, you could leave prompts in the comments! And if I do a part two, I’ll use those prompts. Yes, do that, please.
I hope you enjoyed reading the poems, and have a great rest of your day! πŸ‘‹

32 thoughts on “in which I write poems from poem prompts

  1. I loved the third one the most!!! It’s so cool and like… funny? Humorous? Whimsical? I don’t know the exact word, but I LIKE IT!!
    Also lmao the Kaz Brekker of messaging apps Ray I’m wheezing your humour is top notch
    Hmmm okay here’s some random prompts from me:
    1. Dirty glasses piling up in the sink
    2. Mismatched socks tucked under a cosy blanket
    3. Drinking icy sodas under a tree on a boiling summer’s day
    4. Trimming lace and sparkly cloth and ribbons and all kinds of fancy nice things in order to sew a dress
    5. Braiding someone else’s hair
    6. Having a random stomachache at 12 AM for no reason whatsoever
    7. Eating noodles or cooking noodles or going out to buy noodles or just SOMETHING related to noodles (because, as you may or may not know, I love noodles, noodles are the reason I wake up every morning, noodles are the love of my life, noodles are-)
    8. Cold air in your lungs as you run up the side of a grassy, foggy mountain
    9. Cleaning your windows and being annoyed at the sheer volume of pigeon poo sloughing off
    10. The eerie pristineness of a glassy ocean and a black sand beach

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    1. ahhhhhh thank you~ my poems seem to leave you speechless all the time, eh? 😏
      OH YES IT IS. 😌✨
      wow excellent prompts, darlin pbs, excellent. Now I am most definitely going to do a part two and try not to use only your prompts *cough cough* nO one read that

      Liked by 1 person

  2. These poems are so creative🀯. Write a poem about your first friend. Write a poem about colors without ever naming any colors in the poem. Write a poem that could be the lyrics to a song.

    Poem prompts: a person kneeling at the edge of a lake, peering into the water, an elderly couple lying in lawn chairs, looking at the stars from their backyard, an empty stadium with litter strewn about and one sneaker on the stadium stairs.

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