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an extremely late February wrap-up

Hey people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻 Welp. I’m alive, y’all. ✌
But also, today is 27th March. I should be writing my March wrap-up, not my February one- In my defense, I had completed this post in the first week of March.. in my blogging notebook. And then I did start typing it in as well.
And yet I never finished it (don’t ask why not, I don’t know the reason either), and here we are. .
Honestly, February seems like a very long time ago now. 🧐 But ah well, here we go. Time to wrap-up February.

hmm.. does anyone remember my February goals? I really don’t~

  1. Read at least 9 books
    Sadly, I didn’t. I read only 7. Truly a crime. And honestly? March is going even worse. Oof.
  2. Improve on guitar
    Yess, I suddenly started playing it more. And improved. And sadly, neglected my ukulele a lot because of that. But you know, still did well on the goal, s0-

Here, some proof^

Huh. That was all. So I can truthfully say I accomplished 50% of my goals? πŸ˜—

Heartstopper 3#
ahhh, I like this the most out of the four Heartstopper books, probably. I think I just liked the viBEs of the group on the Paris trip (they did go to Paris, right-), if that makes sense-

Heartstopper 4#
Nooo that was the last one. 😭 (although I’m pretty sure there’ll be a fifth one coming out in 2023 or something, right? right??) Anyway, I ended up liking these last two books much more than the first ones. Or mayhaps I just don’t remember how much I enjoyed the first two.
I don’t remember anything h e l p

The Best At It
I didn’t like this allll that much, and honestly got a bit bored at some points, but despite what I just said it was actually a good book.
That was probably confusing.
Considering I confuse myself so much, though, what can I do? πŸ’€

Anne of The Island
I think I’m going to have the same thing to say about each Anne of Green Gables book β€” t’was slightly boring but I’m still going to read the rest of the series.

Drum Roll, Please
I.. have mentioned this before.
Just y’know, a few fifty times.
With all the praise past me had given for this book, how could I not read it a second time? And while I didn’t enjoy it to the same level, I still really like this. 😌

This Winter
This Winter is so cute. Everything Heartstopper is so cute~ and AHH, I just realized the Netflix series will be out in less than a month now.

Nick and Charlie
I definitely liked This Winter way more, but of course, this was still 10/10 cuteness. πŸ‘ Apart from, you know, the fact that Nick and Charlie were in a fight for half the book. ΰ²₯_ΰ²₯

Yes, DoppelgΓ€nger did come out towards the end of the month.. but I listened to it s o m u c h that it just needs to be included here.

February = the month of being obsessed with Lover. (aka just like most other months, except just more intense xD)

Oh look, what did I tell you?

What a surprise, MORE LOVER.

Huh, this is actually a surprise. A Taylor Swift song that’s not from Lover? What’s this doing in my February wrap-up-

80% Taylor Swift songs. That can’t be a surprise to any of you, really~

Like I said, February feels like it was a long time ago. And I really don’t remember anything. Probably partly because nothing amazing happened. Started going to offline school, in the last one or two weeks of the month.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post.. and you better be celebrating the fact that I’m here and alive. πŸ™ƒ
I’ll see you again hopefully soon with a March wrap-up. And lemme know how your February went! (I’m severely behind on reading posts. Again.)

16 thoughts on “an extremely late February wrap-up

  1. I am so clever. I used your cover as music and read the post while it played in the background. I love love your ukululu strap and what’s this I hear about a netflix series? I love book to series adaptions. RAY YAY

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ok that featured image is gorgeous πŸ˜πŸ’›
    (not me always talking excitedly about your featured images haha~)
    february does feel like forever ago..
    i’m a few chapters in to anne of the island and my verdict is the same πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ slightly boring. not quite enough action or adventure
    nice wrap-up!
    my february, hm- i focused on working at my new job most of the month πŸ˜‚πŸ‘


    1. Haha you do always say that- which makes me glad because I always feel like I spend way too much time on those lol πŸ₯²
      Oh I seeeee. I going to start the fourth book soon – pretty sure it’s going to be like that too. πŸ˜‚
      thanks, Maggie! that’s cool!! :))

      Liked by 1 person

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