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Here’s some more “recent” art (part six)

Hey people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻 Todaaay I have more art to share.. which are somewhat recent. I’m putting in like, double of the amount of photos I usually do, so enjoy an extra long post~
let’s goooo.

welp, I really liked this as a sketch, but after lineart and colouring, it just lost sOmEthiNg. I’m sure most artists have experienced that at least once. 😒
Oh, and by the way, this is fanart of Stacey McGill, from the Baby-sitters Club. I used the Netflix series one (Shay Rudolph) as a reference, instead of the graphic novel.
Don’t ask why. I don’t know. 😗✌

This was inspired by some scene from Amulet: The Stonekeeper (a graphic novel). It’s not anything amazing, but it’s not like I hate it.
Also, for some reason, I just
decided to make this with two colour pencils, a pen, and a sketch pen.
Never question the rat queen.

ehh, this one is pretty messy and the actual drawing (which is supposed to be me, by the way) is… questionable.

But I’m putting this in here anyway, because despite the *cough* interesting hand-writing *cough*, I love what’s written there.
Which you most definitely should read. Go on. Don’t be lazy.

This is pretty simple, but I really like the cute doodle-y style of it.
Yes, there are stick figures on the sidewalk. Respect them, please. 😌👌

Oh, this was done with watercolours by the way. I didn’t bother with a sketch- thankfully it turned out alright.

I’m not very happy with this one~
It’s basically a shy school girl who’s secretly got some cool powers and stuff. You can see her at school in the left frame, and then that’s her right afterward using her powers.
Not my best work.

This is supposed to be Mirabel, from Encanto.
You’ve probably heard of the film. People were obsessed with it last month~

anyway, I started sketching some random girl. Then I added glasses, and suddenly she looked a lot like Mirabel to me.
So. Why not make Mirabel, I figured.

Also, Waiting on a Miracle just played. I did skip it, but hey, cool coincidence-

Hm. Maybe I should draw stuff like this more often. I mean, more on the realistic side (apart from eyes. I’m way too obsessed with drawing those). You’ve probably noticed that I don’t.
This one didn’t even take so long- I finished it in one sitting while watching a movie.
Also, I used colour pencils. My beloved ✨prismas.✨ I really need to use them more. Ahhhh~

This took longer than it should’ve, but hey, I don’t find it that bad. It’s a random girl playing the drums. And I didn’t really bother thinking too hard about a band name; I just went with ‘We Tried.’
Anyway, this is pretty cool. ‘Tis a mix of watercolours and colour pencils.. plus a black gouache background. I love those.

ooh, can you guess who this is?
I really hope so.
If you couldn’t, it’s Anne from Anne of Green Gables/Anne With An E.
Honestly I don’t think it looks like her that much, but with the classic red hair and dress.. it works. Heh.

alsoo, I’ve not done this “pen sketch then watercolour” thing in way too long. I love doing that.
Good grief there’s so many things I need to draw~

More pen sketchinggg. I used different frames from a graphic novel (Roller Girl – not really relevant but I LOVE that book so much~) as reference for drawings. That’s why there’s seemingly random speech. 😂

I drew my friend for her birthday.. it doesn’t really look like her in my opinion, but I still like this anyway.

For some reason I used those Faber-Castell connector pens for this.
Questionable choice, but the drawing didn’t turn out too shabby, so.

Ooh look, another one of those simple-yet-cute watercolour paintings.
I actually did this on the same day as that other one I showed you- emailing all of these photos to myself is hard enough work without having to sort out their order. 👀😬

ahh, honestly this one was pretty rushed (for no reason at all). I’ve made way better dragons, I promise. In fact, there’s one especially cool one that you’ll get to see in my next recent art post.
But yeah. I don’t have much to say about this disgrace~

Six of Crows fanart!!
How fitting, this means I can link the SoC review I posted a few days agocheck it out here if you haven’t already.

Anyway, I did a black gouache background for this as well, and I really like the effect.
The rest was just watercolours.

alsooo, this is just such an iconic quote y’all. 😌✨
Oh, and I think I drew Matthias the best here, which is weird, considering he’s my least favourite. Like I said though. Never question the rat queen.

Annnnd that’s about it! You better not have skimmed. o_O
Have a great day, folksss. Lemme know which drawing you liked the most! Adios. 🤟

45 thoughts on “Here’s some more “recent” art (part six)

  1. Dude, why are all of them s o ✨beautiful✨
    I love the school girl who later gets superpowers, idk but it has s u c h a vibe to it.
    My favourite tho probably has to be the messy one, the pen sketch one!! It’s just s o you. Love all of these!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Literally I don’t know 😂 I just had a whole bunch of things start to happen, and right now I’m in the thick of it. I’m like doing school and helping plan a bridal shower for my oldest sister, and then there’s the wedding for her, and then my whole family is moving…and yeah, it’s busy. But I’ve been working on blog posts whenever I have spare time, and so I fully intend to come back 😂 I just have no clue when 😔 (Thanks for noticing I was gone though lol)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going to ask (very politely I might add) to please let me steal at least a tiny bit of your artistic skills?? My plans were foiled last time I asked, however I really do think that the kind thing to do would be to share it with me! Remember sharing is caring Rayna!!

    Liked by 1 person

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