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recent art (that’s actually recent for once)

helloooo people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻 so. Here’s some more recent art, folks~ which at the time I’m writing this is my most recent art. Unlike in those other posts where I put in art from months ago. πŸ˜—
also these were all done in a trashy sketchbook which isn’t really meant to be used for watercolours and stuff (since it’s barely a sketchbook), but guess what? I went ahead and used watercolours on nearly every page I’ve filled so far (only about eleven β€” but still).
Anyway. Enough of boring y’all. Time for ✨art.✨

I think for the third time in a row, I’ve put Julia on the first page of a sketchbook. 😌 (she’s an OC of mine)
I keep saying this, but I really need to make a post on her sometime~
ah well maybe someday. Probably in twenty years.
anywayyy. This was pen sketching, then watercolour. I find that really fun to do (until you make a huge mistake in pen and die inside). 😌
Also, I was trying to do different expressions, but I messed up basically all of them because, pEN.

I’m not a huge fan of how these came out, especially because I was trying out some new art supply and they wouldn’t layer properly. Oof.
I think they were charcoal pencils or something of the sort.
But hey, this didn’t come out too bad, I suppose~

This was inspired by a sticker I put on the cover of my sketchbook, which says OOF on it in rainbow lettering~
I thought it’d look good as graffiti on a wall, so. There we go.
also can I steal this girl’s hair-

Oh yeah, for some reason I chose to do this with those Faber-Castell connector pens. πŸ’€
My choices can be questionable at times. In case you hadn’t noticed already.

Err, do I somewhat hate this? Yes. But it exists and I’m putting it in here to show that this amazing person can indeed make not-so-great art.
I’m just kidding don’t come for me-

Also. That’s not supposed to be Olivia Rodrigo~ I know it looks like a failed attempt of drawing her but I really didn’t mean to make this girl look similar to her-

I was (finally) watching the Spider-Man movies (just the trilogy with tom holland though), so obviously, I had to draw Spider-Man.
Then the page was looking a little empty, so boom. Drew Batman, even though he’s not even Marvel or anything-

By the way, I’ve been watching Marvel movies in the past couple months~ took me long enough to get around to this.
They’re epic.
Just had to say that.

Remember how I was obsessed with the song Sk8er Boi last month? This was somewhat inspired by that~ I mean, I even wrote a couple lyrics at the top of the page.

I really like how this page came out. It’s messy, but in a good way, y’know? 😌 I think it works together mainly because I used only four or five colours.
Smart rat.

When you don’t know what to draw, MAKE FANART.
This is indeed KOTLC fanart. Of course it is. And yes, that girl with glasses is indeed me. Heh.

Also this is more pen sketching, with watercolour on top. I’m slightly obsessed with that, aren’t I?

This.. is pretty random. But I like it. It’s supposed to be a girl and her little sister on a windowsill~ in case you couldn’t tell.

And yes, even more pen sketching with watercolour. Eh-heh.

And finally, this one is probably my favourite in this sketchbook. It started as just a quick dragon sketch on the right side page, but then I decided to colour it, because why not? Then I thought it’d look pretty good as a two page spread, so the left dragon was born. yAy.
I did this all in colour pencil by the way, apart from the sand which is watercolour.

And that’s all! I have no clue when I’ll do my next recent art post, since y’know, like I said, this is my most recent art. There’s literally nothing left to show-
But obviously I’m going to (slowly-) draw more. So, evEntUally there’ll be another.
Now. Hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great day, folks~ now I should probably go eat breakfast.

43 thoughts on “recent art (that’s actually recent for once)

  1. all of them are sooo pretty!!🀧🀍
    and i have to say i LOVE julia’s converse shoes😏
    and one of my favourites was the OOF one, i dont know why, but it looked amazing!!πŸ’«

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  2. Dude, these are all amazing!!!!! Like wow!! I always feel like a good sign of an artist is being able to convey expressions through art and you’ve done such a good job. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 2 people


    Liked by 2 people

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