about the author

Hello, hello! I’m assuming you’re new here, if you’re reading this, so welcome to my blog. 👋 Just a warning, the blog’s a bit crazy, and the owner (me) is even crazier. Proceed with caution.

*anyway* I’m an 12-year-old girl who started this blog… over five years ago. o_O
I love reading, and you’ll find a lot of book references creeping into conversations. Here are some of my favourite books to keep note of: Keeper of the Lost Cities (which is at the very top), Six of Crows (which mayyyy have surpassed KOTLC, but I don’t want to admit it-), Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Trials of Apollo, Harry Potter……. and so many more.

I’ve always loved music, both listening and playing it. I’ve been teaching myself ukulele (which I always refer to as ‘ukululu’) for a few months now, and learning guitar is a huge dream of mine. Oh, and I’ve written a couple songs~

And lastly, I love blogging, which should be pretty obvious. I write (more like ramble) about books, art, and a bit about my life, and every so often I post a poem. My favourite posts are my ‘rainy day’ ones, when I get to write about books, my life, aNd a poem, at the same time. they’re just the best. And hey, doesn’t hurt that you guys seem to love them too. (;

Have a wonderful day! And enjoy scrolling through my blog~

p.s: my name’s Rayna, how could I forget to mention that? anyway, I have a ton of nicknames, too many to keep track of, but I’d love any new ones if you can come up with any~