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just a kite in the corner of the sky.

There’s a lone kite
Soaring through the sky
In and out of the clouds
Up, down, it flies

Am I the only one who spotted it?
Everyone so busy, caught up in their stuff
Yeah, they just roll away so fast
Leaving this kite
In the past

And someone, somewhere
Must be behind that kite
Someone, somewhere, holding the strings
Giving it flight.


64 thoughts on “just a kite in the corner of the sky.

    1. Happy Birthday Love!!🥰🥰🥰
      I feel so proud of you for being this awesome human being that you are. (yes I’m totally becoming your big sister here).

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  1. Heyyyy, SO sorry I disappeared from your blog there. (Truth is, I’m behind on a LOT of blogs!!) Anyway, that poem was INCREDIBLE, girl!!!! I LOVED IT SOO MUCH!!!!!! Eee!!! Why does it seem like I’m the only one who stinks at poetry. XD THANK YOU for sharing!! <333

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      1. Of course!!!! Girl, you haven’t read any of my poetry because I am saving you and everyone else from some serious cringing. I can write almost anything and make it decent, but poetry… I think I’ve found my greatest challenge. 😜 XD

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