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Ranking KOTLC characters

Hi! I felt like writing a post related to KOTLC (aka Keeper of The Lost Cites, aka the BEST BOOK SERIES EVER) today, and here it is! This time, I am ranking the core group of KOTLC, and they are:
Should I include Wylie? Eh, maybe in part two.

And, no, these are not in order. Because as much as I like Dex, he is NOT my favorite character. And why would Tam be almost at the bottom? Anyway, time for the actual ranking! And the reason I am only doing these many characters is because I will also be writing a little bit about them.
Enjoy! 😛

  1. Fitz.
    I think Fitz was pretty okay in the first few books, but after that I didn’t really like him. In fact, if Marella and Maruca and those characters were on the list, Fitz would be beneath even them!
    About Fitz:
    Fitz was the first elf Sophie ever met, though it technically is Mr. Forkle. Fitz is a telepath, and Sophie’s cognate. His full name is Fitzroy Avery Vacker (imagine, FITZROY!). Oh, and, a famous quote of his is…
    “It’s okay, we could all use a little more weird in our lives.”
  2. Linh.
    I do really like Linh, but she just isn’t my taste. At least she is better than Fitz!
    About Linh:
    Linh is Tam’s twin sister. She is a Hydrokinetic, and very powerful. She first made an appearance in book 4, when Sophie and her friends were banished and had to go to exillium.
    Her quote for the post:
    “Linh peeked her head over his shoulder. “This is fun! I never get to see Tam blush!”
  3. Dex.
    Dex is really nice (sorry about the limp writing), but I guess there are better. He made it into the top five though!!
    About Dex:
    Dex is Sophie’s best friend, and has been friends with her since her first days in the lost cities. Also, he’s her adoptive cousin. He is a skilled Technopath, often helping his friends with tech stuff.
    He, very unfortunately, has been appearing waay too less ever since after the first book. Come on!
    His quote:
    “But before he left, he asked, “Still best friends, right?”
    A soft smile curled her lips, and her heart pull back into its place.
  4. Biana.
    Biana was against Sophie being there at first, but quickly became her best friend. She is a Vanisher, and often uses this ability to her advantage.
    Her quote:
    “Because sparkles make everything better.”
  5. Tam.
    Tam is Linh’s twin, and while he didn’t have to go with her when she was banished, he did. He, like Linh, was introduced in the fourth book. He has a continuous feud with Keefe, which the other find funny, mostly because Tam and Keefe are very similar. He is a shade.
    His quote:
    “Uh . . . not sure what that’s about but . . . no worries there—no offense!”
  6. Sophie and Keefe!
    Heh, sorry Tammy (Tam: I told you not to call me that). Anyway, Sophie and Keefe are tied as first place for me!
    Sophie is the main character, and is a Telepath, Inflictor, Teleporter, Polyglot and Enhancer.
    Keefe is a very prominent character. He is an empath, and like a few others, can feel Sophie’s feelings more strongly.
    A quote from the two of them:
    “Well, if you like honestly,” Ro said, following him over to Keefe, “it stinks here, too. Everything smells like…”
    “Fresh air?” Sophie guessed.
    “Awww, my girl keeps getting snarkier and snarkier,” Keefe said proudly.
    “I’m not your girl,” Sophie snapped back. “And don’t think I’m done being mad at you!”

Well, I hope you liked the post! See you all tomorrow, bye!

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