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Stuffie Profiles 2

Hey πŸ‘‹ I didn’t get time to write this post earlier today (friend came over 😁), but hopefully, hopefully, you aren’t seeing this on Monday. Monday for me, anyway.
Is my text coming weird? Like in a different font than usual? Because it’s like that when I’m typing this right now.
Oh, I just looked at the preview thing, and it isn’t. Strange, and off-putting too πŸ€”πŸ˜Ÿ
Today I’m doing part two of stuffie profiles πŸ₯³
These five will all be from the “OG squad”, which are stuffies that I have from either before I was born, or really soon after. The first one is linked here, and now let’s get into it!

This is Gifoo, such a mischievous little fellow. He’s the joker of the gang, and everyone’s always shaking their heads at his pranks and jokes.
Personality: Mischievous, but really very sweet as well, with a surprisingly good temper. He’s quite interested in music too.
Relations: His dad is Jiffy.
Age: 11 and a half.
Likes: Guitar, piano, mystery comics and novels, pranks.
Dislikes: bad jokes (who likes them, tho), ill-tempered people, graphic novels (he likes comics tho… πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ), singing, sports.
Note from him (recorded exactly as he said it): Hey, people of da’ bloggin’ world! πŸ‘‹ (he asked me to add a waving emoji here) I’m Gifoo, one of the greatest pranksters you’ll ever meet πŸ˜‡

This is Bobo! Unlike Kit, Bobo is as sweet as he looks πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Personality: Bobo is a total introvert. A meek and silent little dog, he love to read and watch movies. All day. Mostly reading, though.
Age: 12
Likes: books, music, nature.
Dislikes: most people, sports, YouTube, birds (hmm.. nature, but not birds).
Note from him (recorded exactly as he said it): Hi. (I inserted at this point, “come on, Bobo. Say something more.) Uh. Hi. I like reading. What is your favorite book?

Here’s Ellie! She and Bobo are best friends (one of the few people Bobo actually talks to 😢).
Personality: Ellie is another avid reader, but isn’t an introvert like Bobo. They’d never be friends then πŸ˜… Ellie loves meeting new people, and is very friendly and talkative.
Age: 13. Almost. Birthday in a few days πŸ™ƒ
Likes: books, people, candy, colorful things, cats.
Dislikes: practically nothing. Unless it’s something the whole world hates, like those pesky mosquitoes 🦟 (ew, this emoji)
Note from her (recorded exactly as she said it): Hello! I’ve been trying to get Bobo to actually speak some more, but he isn’t. Sorry bout’ that πŸ˜…
Anyway, how are you doing? Happy Valentine’s day! My friends all got me friendship bracelets, which is really lovely, because I love those! I have a drawer full of them πŸ’•
I could go on and on about how today went, but Rayna probably wants me to stop. Bye! I hope I can meet you again and tell you about my birthday!

And we’re on to Bubu! She’s a bit bigger than everyone else, but she’s so caring that no one’s afraid!
Personality: Very helpful and kind.
Relations: Bubu married Jacky (his name sounds like a female name, but he’s, well, a male bear) ten years ago, and they have three kids: Bobby, Griffy, and
Age: 36
Likes: volleyball, soft music, ballet (she doesn’t dance though), giraffes.
Dislikes: t-shirts, sports (apart from volleyball), dogs.
Note from her (recorded exactly as she said it): Hi! How are you? I’ve had a great day, tiring as it was. Kit got hurt, poor her 😟

And, finally, Mia!
Personality: Mia may be a teeny tiny bit grumpy (it’s really quite funny sometimes πŸ˜‚), but she means well, and has a kind heart. She loves dressing up, and being the center of attention. She likes drawing every now and then, but honestly? She isn’t good at it.
Age: 12
Likes: dancing, “girly things”, kittens, art, plants.
Dislikes: dogs, messiness, owls (hmm), pizza (whaaaaat?!).
Note from her (recorded exactly as she said it): Hello, hello! It’s really very exciting to be here! I’d like to show you my dancing! And my art! Rayna says she can’t include them right now, though, which is so annoying πŸ˜’ I have to sneak on here and show you later someday. Maybe Kit and Aspen could crack her password (I said “..Mia!” over here) 😈

whoa we can add text over our images now?

Wow. Wow. Wow. Honestly, just see you next time. Gbye!
~ray out~

P.S this font is really bothering me 😣
P.P.S sorry for da’ abrupt ending. I didn’t know what to say after all that πŸ˜‚
P.P.P.S I don’t even know anymore.

12 thoughts on “Stuffie Profiles 2

  1. Wow!! Nice to meet you guys and gals!!
    I think Gifoo and I are gonna be awesome friends! We are sooooo similar.
    Btw, Bubu likes Giraffes and Gifoo is one so, Bubu likes Gifoo, right?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aww that’s a really nice post!! I’d be glad to be friends with all of them honestly🀭😁 they all seem so cool and awesome!! Ooh and my stuffed friend spotty says he’d be so happy to meet them and be their friendsπŸ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

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