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in which i go even crazier over bookshelves ~ part two

heyyyy people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻

Okay, first up, I have this little shelf where I keep notebooks on top of it, a plant (which somehow isn’t dead. Miracle, considering I got this in July LAST YEAR~), and some random odd objects, and stuffies in the actual shelf area. And recently, I cleared out the top shelf to put my graphic novels!

there’s also a few animal figures. and a bus. and a candle. and my sticker collection pouch. and notebooks. and a telescope thing. and highlighters. and a box of carrom pieces. yikes-

As you can see, I don’t have a ~lot~ of graphic novels, but I’m slowly getting more. I can’t wait to get the other two Heartstopper books (and the fifth one, whenever it comes out). And more Baby-sitters Club graphic novel editions (y’know, when they’re actually out-).
Oh, and you can see some of my stuffies in the photo too. I thought about cropping the photo… but they’re so cute. πŸ˜† (and diamond will like to see them)

Okay, next, there’s a bookshelf in the dining room which I “share” with my parents. Because they have two whole other bookshelves to themselves, I get three and a half out of the five shelves in this one, and they just get one at the top.
This is the whole thing:

Goodness, my three shelves look so colourful~
Anyway, the reason I said three and a half is because I keep a few books and Tinkle Digests in the bottom shelf, and then there are camera bags next to them. Technically one of the camera bags is mine……. but I’ll still just call it half-
ANYWAY. You probably didn’t want so much information. Let’s just look at the shelves closer and then you can stop boring yourself with this post~

This shelf has my Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Timmy Failure, the three Tom Gates books I got (I got bored of them-), My Weird School (I think it’s called that), the Fudge series (I don’t really know what the series title is?), and some David Baddiel books. And a few Big Nate books. And then just some random standalones.

Heh. There’s that whole line of James Patterson books, then my box set of Roald Dahl books. And then David Walliams books that I arranged in rainbow order- are we really surprised about that?
Oh, and some Sudha Murty, Rudyard Kipling, and R.K Narayan books stacked over there.

and there’s all my Enid Blyton books. I’ve had to do quite a bit of shameful double stacking to fit all of them in one shelf-
There’s the usual Famous Five, Secret Seven, Naughtiest Girl, St. Clare’s, my favourite Malory Towers, The Magic Faraway Treehouse, all the good stuff. Plus some standalones. :))

And ’tis the end, people! 😌 Obviously, I’ll keep getting books, so mayhaps I’ll do another bookshelf tour… but way later, of course. Me and my mom counted how many books I have on the day I sorted them out.. it was 498. πŸ‘€ By now, it’s probably 505 or something. aHHHHHHHhhhHhh~
anyway! I hope you liked seeing all these books. Lovely, lovely books. BOOKS! Booksssssssssss. Books. (okay I’m stopping now~)
have a great day, everyone!

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