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Six of Crows – a book review at last

Greetings people, elves, demigods, witches, wizards, crows, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well. 🌻 so before I continue- thank you so much for 500 followers (502 to be precise-)!! I literally hadn’t checked the count for a couple months, and I was pretty surprised honestly a couple weeks ago. Heh.
Alrighty. Anyway. I’ve been meaning to write another book review for, well, forever, and now finally, here we are.

Six of Crows is about Kaz Brekker and his crew, trying to pull off a seemingly impossible heist. There is Kaz, known as ‘Dirtyhands’ in the Barrel (the slums of Ketterdam), who is part of The Dregs. The Dregs is a gang, and as the name suggests consists of everyone scraped from the floor of the Barrel. Then there is Inej, the wraith, whose ability to move soundlessly makes her unique. Jesper, a sharpshooter with a serious gambling problem, and Wylan, the insurance. Finally Nina, a grisha heartrender, and Matthias, the outsider with insider knowledge. Together, they are going on a suicide mission, and together they are dangerous enough to have a chance.

The book starts off pretty slow, and I’m sure everyone who’s read Six of Crows can agree that for the first few chapters or so, you feel utterly confused about what’s really going on. Especially with the first chapter being from the perspective from a character who is literally never mentioned again. But don’t give up on it, folks — soon enough it picks up, and it’s excellent. Fast-paced, cleverly plotted, and carefully planned.
There was a lot that happened that I didn’t expect. And I suppose the plot was slightly hard to follow at times, but it’s pretty hooking. 😌

Ah yes, the best part of any book. And are, thankfully, wonderfully done in Six of Crows. The characters are all amazing. 🥺 They’re not like, the typical definition of good, or even heroes, but still immensely likeable. And the wit! The sarcasm! Chef’s kiss. Grammy worthy. (they really should have Grammys for books, just saying~)

Jesper: “If Pekka Rollins kills us all, I’m going to get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.”
Kaz: “I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.”
Matthias: “My ghost wouldn’t associate with your ghost.”

There are so many more amazing quotes I could put in here^
*the self-control is huge right now*
Please, I love them all.

FOLKS. Please read this book. You won’t regret it. How could anyone not like it? The humour is top tier, the backstories of all the characters are so well done, everything is just spectacular. You will definitely not be disappointed. Unless you have no taste. (I’m just kidding. mostly)
I honestly don’t have more to say- I mean it’s pretty obvious already that I loved the book. And if you’ve read Shadow and Bone (another book series by the same author, in case you didn’t know), and didn’t enjoy it, don’t worry. I DNFed SaB. Trust me, this is way better. (no offense to SaB fans of course~) Leigh Bardugo’s writing has improved since then SO MUCH.
So. Read the damn book.

This review turned out to be more of a post appreciating how awesome Six of Crows is, didn’t it? Hopefully ya’ll enjoyed reading, though! Lemme know if you’d like to read more reviews (and I’ll try to be less fangirl-ish next time).
Have a great day, peopleee. (mine’s going fabulous — I just finished a post and solved a Rubik’s cube for the first time.) I’ll see you soon (probably with yet another recent art post!)

16 thoughts on “Six of Crows – a book review at last

  1. I will never understand why Bardugo starts off these books from the perspective of someone we never meet again! It literally stopped me from reading it on my first attempt! But, I love the characters and humour so much too!! 💜

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